Charity News

Fundraising Tip for Charity Stewards

At the January virtual business meeting of Cornerstone RAM 1992 the Charity Steward W.Bro. Alastair Duncan, a man never short of an idea or two,               Raffle Tickets

  proposed a postal draw, which found favour with those attending.

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Proms in the Park - a roaring success!

How do you get over 400 people to stand in the middle of a field in Devon you may ask?  I'm sure that's what went through the mind of W.Bro Brett Varker

and W.Bro. Brian Martin when they had a chat, possibly over a few beers, and suggested lets do 'Proms in the Park'... I've got a 'park' said Brett, grinning, Angie won't mind at all, he said.......

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St John's Ambulance Treatment Centre Donated by MBF

At the Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting on 6th October, Rt.W.Bro. Peter Balsom had the pleasure of Presenting the St John's Amulance Service

with the new Treatment Centre from the MBF and the Mark Master Masons of Devonshire.

The Unit will be 'on Duty' at many pubilc events around the Province.