Death of Brethren - It is essential to advise the Provincial Grand Secretary W.Bro. Chris Elliott (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) of any deaths with Lodge Members as they occur, this is to avoid any possible embarrassments in possible future correspondence.

forget me notThe following members of Devonshire Mark & Royal Ark Mariners have passed to the Grand Lodge above...


Bro, Keith Robinson. Benevolence Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.1264. Died 25th July 2022

R.W. Bro. Dr. John Horace Wickstead D.Sc. Ph.D. – Past Provincial Grand Master. Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank. Died 21 July 2022.

Bro. Roger Jewell. Fidelity Huyshe Lodge Mark Master Masons No,91. Died 16th June 2022

W.Bro. Michael J Cane P.Pr.G.J.W.  Amity Mark Lodge No.849, Unity Mark Lodge No.783, De La Pole Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No.372.        Died 21st May 2022.

R.W.Bro. Ken Keast. P.G.J.W.  R.A.M.G.R. The Dartmouth Mark Lodge. No.737. Royal Ark Mariners True Love and Unity Lodge No.1159.        Died 15th May 2022.

R.W.Bro. Stephen Davison. Assistant Grand Master. Died 19th April 2022

W.Bro. Donald H. Fletcher. P.Pr.G.J.W. R.A.M.G.R. Russell Mark Lodge No.23. (resigned) and Royal Ark Mariners Russell No.23. Died 16th April 2022

W.Bro. Colin James. P.Pr.G.J.W. Pr.R.A.M.G.R. Hawton Mark Lodge and Hawton Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No.100. Died  29th March 2022 

Bro. David W. Prouse. Pleiades Mark Lodge No.675. Died 8th March 2022

W.Bro. Clifford W G Warn. P.Pr.G.Reg. St John Mark Lodge No.50. Died16th February 2022

Bro. Peter Woodley. Duncombe Mark Lodge No.438. Senior Warden of the Lodge. Died 7th February 2022

W.Bro. Ray Hall P.G.St.B. Past member of Caput Anguli Mark Lodge No.798.

Bro. James Burnard Abbott.  Unity Mark lodge No.783. Died 31st January 2022.

W.Bro. Mervyn Brian Collings P.A.G.St.B. R.A.M.G.R Strode Mark Lodge No.696, Devonshire Lodge of Installed Mark Master Masons No.1750. Hawton Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No.100. Died 24th January 2022

W. Bro. Fredrick Henry Wheeler P.G.St.B. Fortitude Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.66. Devonshire Lodge of Installed Mark Master Masons  No.1750. Died 8th January 2022.


W.Bro. Andrew Douglas Sargent. P.Pr.G.S.D. Strode Mark Lodge No.696 and Strode Royal Ark Mariners No.696. Died 24th December 2021.

W.Bro. Clifford Coates. P.Pr.G.J.W. Benevolence Mark Lodge No.1246. Died 22nd December 2021.

W.Bro William. J. Wallace. P.G.J.D.  True Love and Unity Mark No.1159. Died 22nd December 2021

W.Bro. Andrew (Andy) Stephen Fergusson. P.Pr.G.M.O. Brunswick Lodge of MMM No.48. Died 26th September 2021.

Bro. Herbert William Wadsworth. Unity Mark Lodge No.783. Died 7th July 2021

V.W.Bro. Roy Harold Webber. P.G.J.O. St Peter's Mark Lodge No.187. Royal Ark Mariners Unity Lodge No.783. Died 3rd July 2021

W.Bro. Stephen Marshall. Lodge of the West Gate Mark Master Masons No.1180. Royal Ark Mariners St Nicholas Lodge No.540. Died 21 June 2021

W.Bro David Wood. P.Pr.G.Stwd. Sincerity Mark Masters No.35 Royal Ark Mariners Sincerity No.35 Pr.R.A.M.G.R. Died 6th June 2021

W.Bro David Smale. P.Pr.G.J.W.  Honorary Member Sir Francis Drake Mark Lodge No.617.  Died 24th May 2021

W.Bro Richard Baber. P.Pr.G.J.W.  Pleiades Mark Lodge No.675. Died14th April 2021

W.Bro. Tony Crook, Provincial Grand Steward. St Aubyn Mark Lodge No.64. St Simon Lodge of MMM, Brunswick Lodge of MMM No.48. Hawton Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No.100. Died 7th April 2021

Bro. Bernard Moore. Benevolence Mark Lodge No. 1264. Died 22nd February 2021.

W.Bro. Joe Leigh. P.Pr.G.J.W., Pr.RAM.G.R. True Love and Unity Mark Lodge No.1159. Royal Ark Mariners St George No.15. Died 14th January 2021.


W.Bro. Bernard William Frude, P.Pr.G.J.W. Fortitude Mark Lodge No.66. Died 12th December 2020

W.Bro David Allen, P.Pr.G.Reg. Russell Mark Lodge No.23. Died 25th November 2020

W.Bro Brian Lewis, P.G.St.B. The Mark Lodge of St George No.383. Hawton Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No.100. Devonshire Lodge of Installed Mark Masters No.1750. Devon Installed Commanders Lodge No.1750. Died 24th November 2020

Bro. Glyn Thomas, Devon Mark Lodge No.215. Died 6th November 2020

W.Bro Jim Nicholson, P.Pr.G.J.W. Pr.R.A.M.G.R. Hawton Mark Lodge No.100. Royal Ark Mariners St Aubyn No.64. Died 29th September 2020

V.W.Bro. Arthur Weed, P.G.J.O. Holsworthy Mark Lodge No.1727. Died 12th September 2020

W.Bro. Phillip Andrew Ratcliff, P.Pr.G.S.O. Hawton Mark Lodge No.100. Died 24th August 2020

W.Bro.Jack Cox, P.Pr.G.J.W. Lodge of the West Gate 1180, Died 24th August 2020

W.Bro. David Ware P.Pr.G.J.W. Perseverance Mark Lodge No.822, De La Pole Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No.372. Died 10th August 2020

W.Bro. Denis Compton P.Pr.A.G.D.C., Duncombe Mark Lodge No.438. Died 8th July 2020

W.Bro. Michael Kelly P.Pr.G.JO., Charity Mark Lodge No.76. Died 26th June 2020

W.Bro. Robert David Primrose. PPrGReg, St Peters Mark Lodge No.187 and Fortescue Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No.9. Died 19th June 2020

W.Bro. Frederick Hubert Prinn (Andy). PPrGJW. Honorary Member Spencer Mark Lodge No.1495. Died 9th May 2020

Bro. Brian William George Crook.  St George Mark Lodge No.15.  Died 6th May 2020


Bro. Francis William Hammett.  Unity Mark 783.  Died 26th December 2019

W.Bro. John Haywood. BEM. PPrGJW The Benevolent  Mark Lodge No. 316. Died 7th December 2019

W. Bro. Christopher David John  Vaughan. Unity Mark Lodge No.783 & Unity Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No 783. Died 11th December 2019

W. Bro Jim Wright. PPrGSO Dartmouth Mark Lodge No.737. Died 30th November 2019

W.Bro. Chris. A. Simmons. PPrGJO Torbay Mark Lodge No.596. Died 8th November 2019

W.Bro. A.H.G. (Sandy) Macleod. BEM, MSM, PPrGSO, Prov RAM GR,The Mark Lodge of St George No.383. St Geroge Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No.383. Died 22nd October 2019.

W Bro D. Knutton, Honorary Member Jordan Mark Lodge No.319, PPrGJO, PGStdB.  Died 17th October 2019.

Bro. Leslie John Lawes.  Unity Mark Lodge No.783. Died 5th October 2019.

W.Bro Ron Preston PGJD, RAM GR. St Aubyn Mark Lodge No.64,   Royal Ark Mariners St Aubyn No.64, Devon Installed Commanders Lodge No.1750. Died 5th October 2019.

W.Bro GRH Rowcliffe PPrGJW. St Peters Mark Lodge No.187.  Died 4th October 2019.

W.Bro Richard H Beeson PAGStdB, PPrGSD, Prov RAM GR. Spencer Lodge Mark Master Masons No.1495, St George Lodge RAM.No.383 Died 9th September 2019.

W.Bro Keith Edward Lovelace James, PPrGSD, Lodge of the West Gate 1180.  Died 1st September 2019.

W.Bro. Brian Binmore, Ashburton Mark Lodge No.1038, Jordan Royal Ark Mariners No.319.  Died 6th August 2019

W.Bro Roy Halsey, P.G.St.B, RAMGR, Lewis Mark Lodge No.1284.  Royal Ark Mariners Lodge Ashburton No.1038. Died 9th July 2019

W Bro Mike Duff, PPrGJO. The Mark Lodge of St George No.383 , Strode Mark Lodge No.696 and Royal Ark Mariners Strode No.9. Died 26th May 2019

W.Bro Ken Springthorpe. PGJD, RAMGR, Amity Mark Lodge No.849, Royal Ark Mariners St George No.15, Devonshire Lodge of Installed Commanders No.1750. Died 26th May 2019.

W.Bro Ken Trevorrow. Friendship Lodge of Mark Masters No.16 TI. Died 17th May 2019.

Bro. David Thomas Starks. Unity Mark Lodge No.783. Died 6th May 2019.

W.Bro. Francis John Trigger. PAGStdB, PPRGStwd, Amity Mark Lodge No.849, Royal Ark Mariner St George No.15. Died 5th May 2019.

W.Bro. Mark Cook. Past Master Perseverance Mark Lodge No.822 Died 1st May 2019.

W.Bro. Ralph Gray. PAGSwdB. Perseverance Mark Lodge No.822 Died 25th April 2019.

W.Bro. Owen J. Pile PPrJGW  St Peter's Mark Lodge No.187. Died 21st  April 2019

W.Bro. Terance Edward Legg. PPrGReg.  Brunswick Lodge of MMM No.48, Hawton Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No.100 Died 24th March 2019

W. Bro. Gordon Rothwell Gooding. PAGDC RAMGR St Georges Mark Lodge No. 15, De La Pole Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No 372. Died 2nd March 2019

W.Bro. Leslie George Clemens. PAGSwdB  PrRAMGR Fortitude Lodge No. 66. Royal Ark Mariners Manadon Lodge No.1076. Died 23rd January 2019

Bro. George C. T. Killgallon. Fidelity Huyshe Mark Lodge No. 91, Royal Ark Mariners Lodge Ashburton No. 1038. Died 27th February 2019.

W Bro Douglas Jeffery. PPrGJO Exon Mark 1075.  Died 15th January 2019

Bro John Burton. Torbay Mark Lodge No. 586. Died 19th January 2019

W.Bro Anthony John Dark.  PPrGJW  Devon Mark Lodge  No.215 Died 3rd January 2019

W Bro Fred Cox. PPrGJW  Exon Mark Lodge No.1075. Died 2nd January 2019

W.Bro. Keith Lawler. Metham Mark Lodge No.96 Died 1st January 2019


W.Bro. Leonard David Boddy. PPrGJD Unity Mark Lodge No.783 Died 3rd December 2018

W.Bro Harold Dawson. PPrGStwd Plympton Erle Mark Lodge No. 1100  Died 1st December 2018

W.Bro. Anthony Edwin Bearne. PPrGJW Devon Mark Lodge No. 215  Died 5th November 2018

Bro Ian Noon. Fortescue Mark Lodge No.9 Died 30th September 2018

Bro Richard L John. Charity Mark Lodge No.76 Died 28th September 2018

W.Bro. George E Tout. PPrGSD St George Mark Lodge No.15 Died 16th September 2018

W.Bro Peter F Corpe. PPrGSO Devon Lodge No. 215. Died 4th August 2018

W.Bro. Gerald V Cleverley. PPrGJW The Mark Lodge of St George No 383  Died 13th July 2018

V.WBro. Colin Barratt. PGJO The Mark Lodge of St George No. 383, Hawton Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 100  Died 29th June 2018

W.Bro. James L C Hookins. PPrGSD Manadon Mark Lodge No. 1076 Died 18th June 2018

W.Bro. David Sharkey Dickson. PPrGSO Brunswick Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 48, Died 1st June 2018

R.W.Bro. Robin Osborn Osborn. PGJW Caput Anguli Mark Lodge No 798, Hawton Mark Lodge No. 100 RAMGR, Died 31st May 2018

W.Bro. Peter T Lee PPrGJW Unity Mark Lodge No. 783 Died 11th May 2018

W.Bro. Michael G. Smith PPrGJW Fortitude Mark Lodge No 66 Past WCN RAM Manadon Lodge 1076, Died 5th May 2018

Bro. William Nicholas Gilbert  Ashburton Mark Lodge No 1038 Died 2nd May 2018

W. Bro. Kenneth James Noel Temple PPr G Reg Lewis Mark Lodge No 1284 Past WCN Ashburton 1038, Died 16th April 2018

W. Bro. Roy Eric Wakeling PPrGStdB Hawton Mark Lodge No 100 Past WCN St Aubyn No 64,Died 15th April 2018

Bro. Roger Albert Tonkin Unity Mark Lodge No 783, Died 9th March 2018

W.Bro. Clifford Hartley PAGSwdB Lodge of St Geroge No 383 Died 10th February 2018

W. Bro. P Lambourn Holsworthy Mark Lodge No 1727 Died 29th January Dec 2018

W.Bro. Cyril A Williams PPrGJW St Peter's Mark Lodge No. 187 Died 25th January 2018

W. Bro. Percy J Crook PPrGJW, Unity Mark Lodge No 783 Died 9th Jan 2018


W. Bro. Andrew J Fowkes PPrGSwdB, Fortitude Mark 66 died 16th Dec 2017

W. Bro. Frederick W Wakeham PPrGJW, Manadon Mark 1076 died 11th Dec 2017

W. Bro. Richard Breeching PAGSwB, North Devon Union Mark 450 died 9th Dec 2017

W. Bro. Len Jackman PAGDC, Hawton 100, Manadon 1076, RAMGR died 7th Dec 2017

W.Bro. Maurice P W Carrick PPrGJW Torbay Mark Lodge 596 Died 13th November 2017

W. Bro. Peter Martin PGJD, Past Master of True Love & Unity 1159, and Past Commander of 1159 RAM died on 16th Oct 2017

W. Bro. John Barry PGStdB, member of Perseverance 822 Mark died 15th May 2017

W. Bro. Malcolm Ash PPrGJW, member of Spencer 1494 Mark died 20th May 2017

W. Bro. Frank Workman PGStdB, member of Sincerity 35 Mark, RAMGR, Sincerity 35 RAM died 10th May 2017

W. Bro. Raymond Perkings PPrGJW, Past Master of Sir Francis Drake Mark Lodge No 617 died on 23rd February 2017

Bro. Frances Pidler PPrGReg, member of Fortescue No 9 Mark, founding member Fortescue No 9 RAM died 9th April 2017

W. Bro. George W Adams BEM, PGStdB, Past Master of Ashburton Mark Lodge 1038, Prov RAM GR, Hawton 100, Died 21st March 2017

W. Bro. R. Jeffrey Gibson PPrGJD, Past Master of St George 383, died 19th February 2017

W. Bro. Duncan Macdonald PPrGJW, Past Master 1180 and member of Unity Mark 783, died 12th January 2017

W. Bro. Victor James Mills PPrGSO, Worshipful Master of Devon Lodge of Mark Masters No.215 in 1990, died 9th Jan 2017

W. Bro. Mike Boynton PPrAGDC, Past Master Forescue No 9, Past WCN Forescue No 9, died 3rd January 2017


W. Bro. Alan A. Bowden, Past Master of Unity Mark Lodge 783, died 20th December 2016

W. Bro. Tony Davison PPrGJO, Past Master of Friendship Mark Lodge 16TI and 383, died 7th December 2016

W. Bro. K.W.J. Tuckett PGStdB, Past Master of Amity Mark Lodge, died 2nd December 2016

W. Bro. John Wilson PAGStdB, Past Master of St John's Mark Lodge No 1029. died December 2016.

W. Bro. John Perry PPrJGW, Past Master of Sir Francis Drake Mark Lodge No 617 died on 8th October 2016.