Degree of Royal Ark Mariner

Provincial Grand Master - Royal Ark MarinersIt is only Mark Master Masons who are eligible to join a Royal Ark Mariner Lodge and I hope that many will take up this cordial invitation to join soon.

There are records going back to the 1780’s of meetings but the Degree became much stronger after 1871 when the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons took over governance, through the Grand Master’s Royal Ark Council.

Both the regalia and the ceremony are most interesting and refer to extracts from the Volume of the Sacred Law and show that out of chaos and catastrophe mankind can survive and that we should face adversity together using Wisdom, Strength and Beauty to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Any Royal Ark Mariner who attends a Mark Lodge will be wearing a distinctive rainbow ribbon or collarette so please contact any of them for further information as there are nineteen Lodges in the Province of Devonshire.

I have the honour of being the Provincial Grand Master of both the Mark Master Masons Degree in Devonshire and the Royal Ark Mariner Degree and both work together in many respects of administration and particularly, in charitable efforts.

R.W. Bro Peter J Balsom - Provincial Grand Master