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The precise origins of this degree are unknown but its content is based on the Great Flood, now a proven historical fact, and the story in which Noah and his family were saved in the Ark as described in the V.S.L. and enacted in the Mystery Plays of the 17th century.

By the mid18th century there was a degree of ‘Noachites’ or ‘Prussian Knights’ but it was not until the 1780s that the first authentic records of the degree appeared in the minutes of meetings held in Bath and Portsmouth.

breast jewel and apronDuring its early years, the degree experienced many difficulties and it was not until its serious revival when Bro John F. Dorrington became Grand Commander that the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons placed the degree under its protection and formed the Grand Master’s Royal Ark Council to regulate its actions.

The only qualification for ‘elevation to membership’ is that a Brother should already be a Mark Master Mason. In the ceremony of ‘elevation’ analogies are drawn between the dangers of the flood and the dangers of life. The subject matter, being taken directly from the V.S.L., is both beautiful and instructive. The teaching of the degree emphasizes the importance of family strengths and the need for each member of society to play his part to the benefit of all.

We are taught that out of chaos and catastrophe mankind can survive and that we should face adversity together, helping to look after those less fortunate than ourselves.

The apron and the breast jewel both exhibit the distinctive ‘rainbow’ ribbon of the degree. On attaining the chair as a Worshipful Commander, the rosettes of the apron are replaced by triangles. Lodge officers wear a ‘rainbow’ collar together with the appropriate jewel. Those honoured with Provincial or Grand Rank wear a collarette with their appropriate Jewel.

Any Brother you see in your Mark Lodge wearing the distinctive ‘rainbow’ breast jewel should be able to supply you with more information. Alternatively, you can contact the Provincial Grand Secretary, the Scribe of your associated Royal Ark Mariner Lodge for further details.

RAM Lodges Devonshire

Listed below are the Royal Ark Mariner Lodges that meet in Devonshire, each Mariner lodge is attached to a Mark Lodge and bears the same number as a Mark Lodge. So why not join one of the RAM lodges near you and become a
member and further enhance your Masonic knowledge.

Forescue 9, South Molton
St George 15, Exeter
Russell 23, Tavistock
Sincerity 35, St Budeaux
St Aubyn 64, Devonport
Hawton 100, Ivybridge
Benevolent 316, Teignmouth
Jordan 319, Torquay
De La Pole 372, Sidmouth
St George 383, Crownhill
St Nicholas 540, Illfracombe
Sir Francis Drake 617, Crownhill
Strode 696, St Budeaux
Unity 783, Crediton
Ashburton 1038, Ashburton
Manadon 1076, St Budeaux
True Love and Unity 1159, Brixham
Benevolence 1264, Bideford
Devonshire Installed Commanders 1750

There is a leaflet available about Royal Ark Mariners with all this information. You can download it from the link below and print copies for potential members...