If you are a Mark Master Mason you are in a unique position, for it is only a Mark Master Mason who are qualified for Membership to The Royal Ark Mariner Degree.

You would be joining an ancient order with very different teaching to any other order in Freemasonry and therefore the story takes you on another journey outside that of the building of King Solomon’s Temple, so you will be further advancing your Masonic knowledge.

You will be spending time with others who are members of the Mark Degree and complete your journey in the order.

The heads of the order are the same heads of both the Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Degrees and you can therefore establish a continuing advancement in both orders, which of course are attached.

You can wear the distinctive RAM Jewel with pride in the Mark Degree to show your membership of the RAM Degree to others.

The ceremony is short and interesting, taking about 45 minutes and most RAM Lodges meet four time a year.

For further information 

Contact the Secretary of your Mark Lodge, the representative on your Lodge Summons, the Provincial Secretary or you can download an application form below...