To Mark Secretaries and Charity Stewards

Dear Brethren All,

I have been delighted to be appointed Deputy Chairman of the DMCA, as you may have heard at the Provincial Meeting, and to continue the good works already undertaken by my predecessor.

Our PGM is keen to continue the good works done by the Order in Devonshire during the Festival, and to this end I am tasked to progress two initiatives to regularise the way that we that we support worthy causes, and as follows:

There is the opportunity to support each year a small number of non-masonic worthy causes with a modest donation from the DMCA funds. Each Lodge then is encouraged to make recommendations to me please, by 31st March for consideration by the Committee using the Grant application Form which can be found in the DMCA information Booklet 2017.

It is the PGM’s desire to support a regional Charity over (say) a five year period, and with who we can develop a relationship. The funding will come from the DMCA at a level yet to be agreed, and nominations from Lodges are invited please, again by the 31st March.

Whilst writing, I would ask that any Charity Steward who hasn’t seen a copy of that Handbook as previously issued please make their Area Representative aware.

With kind regards,
Yours s & f,

W.Bro Chris Elliott PPr G Insp Wks
Dep Chm, DMCA