Lodge Summons

It is essential that the Provincial Grand Secretary and Provincial Deputy Grand Secretary both receive a copy via emial

Death of Brethren

It is essential to advise the Provincial Grand Secretary of any deaths of Lodge Members as they occur. This is to avoid any possible embarrassments in possible future correspondence.

Lodge Collars

Grand Officers or Provincial Grand Officers who hold an office within their Lodge should only wear their Lodge collar.

At Installation Meetings

If the Grand Officer or Provincial Grand Officer is remaining in the same office he should keep the Lodge collar on through the Ceremony. There is no need to remove the collar to be appointed. However the W. Bro, when invested as Master, even for a second Year does NOT do anything other than Appoint a Brother to an Office in the Lodge.

If a Grand or Provincial Grand Officer is relinquishing his office or moving to another office within the Lodge he should wear the Lodge collar on top of his Grand or Provincial Collar.

Exceptions to the above

Should a Brother hold an ‘active’ Grand or Provincial Grand office he must not wear any other collar, other than his ‘active’ collar and should be handed his Lodge collar at the installation meeting.

If a Brother is to take two offices within his Lodge he should only wear the highest ranked collar and be handed the other collar at the Installation meeting.