Reading from the Right of the Worshipful Master it is as follows:

  1. PGM
  2. DPGM
  3. APGM
  4. PPGM
  5. PDPGM
  6. PAPGM
  7. R.W. Brethren
  8. V.W. Brethren
  9. Provincial Secretary
  10. Provincial Director of Ceremonies
  11. Grand Officers in Order of Seniority
  12. Provincial Grand Senior Warden
  13. Provincial Grand Junior Warden
  14. Provincial Overseers
  15. Provincial Active Officers in order of Seniority

Reading from the left of the Worshipful Master it is Lodge Officers as follows irrespective of Rank as it is the Office they hold that should decide:

  1. IPM
  2. Chaplain
  3. Treasurer
  4. Secretary
  5. Director of Ceremonies and so on.

The PGM wishes to point out that if Grand Officers of the Lodge wish to sit in the Body of the Lodge with guests or if the Lodge wishes to acknowledge Active Grand Officers that is the prerogative of the Lodge and he has no wish to direct anything different as this is the friendly degree and Active Grand Officers process into the Lodge in front of W. Brethren purely as a Courtesy of the PGM and is a Devonshire tradition which does not happen in other Provinces.

As the Senior Province we do it this way.