A directive from Grand Lodge over two years ago changed the procedure for investing the Almoner and Charity Steward for the Mark and RAM degrees. The correct order after the Director of Ceremonies is Almoner followed
by the Charity Steward, then Senior Deacon, Junior Deacon etc.

Lodge Collars

  1. No collar shall be worn with a chain.
  2. A Grand Officer who also holds an active office in Provincial Grand Lodge shall wear his Grand Rank apron and his Provincial collar with his active rank Provincial Jewel when performing his Provincial duties.
    On all other occasions he shall wear his Grand Rank apron and collar with his Grand Rank Jewel. He shall not append a Grand Rank jewel to a Provincial / District collar or vice versa.
  3. In a private Lodge a Grand Provincial officer who is also an officer of his Lodge shall on nights of Installation, or any other occasion when he is required to remove his Lodge collar, wear his Lodge collar over his Grand or Provincial.
    If he is to be appointed to more than one office he shall be invested with the collar of the highest office. The collars of his other offices may be handed to him when he is brought for Investiture to those offices.
    On occasions other than Installation (i.e. when he is not due to remove his Lodge collar), it is acceptable that he wears only the collar of his Lodge office plus his apron.