1. ROYAL ARK MARINERS LODGE ASHBURTON, No. 1038, meeting at the Masonic Hall, Ashburton, - Date of Warrant – 14th October 1992.
  2. FORTESCUE LODGE OF ROYAL ARK MARINERS, No. 9, meeting at the Masonic Hall, South Molton – Date of Warrant – 19th November 1992.
  3. SIR FRANCIS DRAKE ROYAL ARK MARINER LODGE, No. 617, meeting at the Manadon Masonic Hall, Plymouth (Keystone Lodge) – Date of Consecration – 8th September 1994.
  4. HOLSWORTHY MARK LODGE, No 1727, meeting at the Masonic Hall, Holsworthy (Keystone Lodge) – Date of Warrant – 3rd December 1994.
  5. DEVONSHIRE LODGE OF INSTALLED MARK MASTERS, No. 1750, meeting at the Masonic Hall, Buckfastleigh (Keystone Lodge) – Date of Warrant – 30th September 1995.
  6. DEVONSHIRE INSTALLED COMMANDERS LODGE, No. 1750, meeting at the Masonic Hall, Buckfastleigh (Keystone Lodge) – Date of Warrant – 30th March 1996.

R W Bro Dr J H Wickstead was appointed Provincial Grand Master at the Installation Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge held at The Palace Hotel, Torquay on Tuesday 8th January 1991.

He appointed W Bro John Frank Annear, Provincial Grand Steward, as the Deputy Provincial Grand Master.

V W Bro Frederick Donald Matthews, BA, was appointed Assistant Provincial Grand Master.

During 1983, W Bro E W Farleigh, Provincial Grand Standard Bearer, made and presented to the Province two new wands for the use of the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies and his Deputy, to commemorate his years in Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Masonry. The year also saw the refurbishment of the Provincial Officers chains, the work being undertaken by W Bro R H D Statton.

At the Grand Mark Lodge meeting this year, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W Bro John F Annear, resigned to enable him to take up a similar position in the Craft Degree. V W Bro F D Matthews, PGJO, was appointed Deputy Provincial Grand Master and V W Bro D I J Owen, PGJO, was appointed Assistant Provincial Grand Master.

W Bro Ken Keast, Grand Steward, succeeded V W Bro Owen as the Provincial Grand Secretary.

On September 8th 1994, the Sir Francis Drake Royal Ark Mariner Lodge No. 617, was consecrated. Lodge Meetings are held at the Manadon Masonic Hall, Crownhill, Plymouth. That same year, on December 3rd 1994, the Holsworthy Mark Lodge No. 1727, was Warranted and Consecrated.

In his address to the Brethren at Provincial Grand Mark Lodge earlier in the year, the Provincial Grand Master dropped a hint that the Royal Ark Mariner Degree might well be given a separate identity and, to this end, should a Past Commanders Lodge be formed and Consecrated. The Appointment and Investiture to Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank would be a logical item for inclusion on the Agenda at one of its Meetings.

This was seized upon by a number of Past Commanders and an approach was made for permission to form such a Lodge; it was pointed out to them however that every Royal Ark Mariner Lodge must be attached to a Lodge of Mark Master Masons.

As a consequence, the Devonian Lodge of Installed Mark Masters, No. 1750, was Warranted and Consecrated on the 30th September 1995. The Consecration took place at The Assembly Rooms, Town Hall, South Molton.

The first Master being W Bro Peter L Barter, a Past Master of the Ashburton Mark Lodge, No. 1038.

Within six months this Devonian Lodge of Installed Commanders became a reality, when, on the 30th March 1996, the Lodge was Warranted and Consecrated.

The Consecration took place at The Erme Masonic Hall, Ivybridge and V W Bro D I J Owen, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master was the first Commander.

At the second meeting of the Past Commanders Lodge, the Provincial Grand Master invested a number of Brethren with Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank of the Ancient and Honourable Fraternity of Royal Ark Mariners.

Our Provincial Grand Master dropped a number of broad hints that, in his opinion, there was a need to form another Mark Lodge in the Honiton/Axminster area, sadly this never became a reality.

The year 1996 saw the retirement of V W Bro D Matthews as Deputy Provincial Grand Master; V W Bro D I J Owen was invested in his stead.

The Office of Assistant Provincial Grand Master was bestowed upon W Bro J E P Eaton, Past Grand Steward.

In his address to the Brethren attending the Provincial Grand Lodge in September 1997, he drew the attention of all by asking them to consider an event which will occur ten years hence, quote “This will not affect me directly since my Patent has only slightly more than two years to run, by which time I will be, as the Forces used to put it, time expired. However, it is a matter of interest to us all in the Province that the year 1007 will mark our Sesquicentennial Celebration. As the oldest Province, Devonshire, as the first to celebrate its Centenary in 1957 at the Town Hall in Torquay, accordingly we will be the first to celebrate our 150th Anniversary. Appropriately, this Centenary Meeting was held under the banners of Fortescue Lodge No. 9 and St. George’s Lodge No. 15, the two Devonshire Lodges to receive their Warrants from Mark Grand Lodge in 1857”.

He went on to suggest that the Province start considering how to treat this important milestone in its history and went further, suggesting that Fortescue No. 9 and St. George’s No. 15, might give the matter some special consideration. He concluded by saying “Finally Brethren, in view of our forthcoming Sesquicentenary, but which should nevertheless be applicable at all times, an old saying, very opposite to Freemasonry, exhorts us all to ‘Cherish the Past, Adorn the Present, Create for the Future’.

On the 20th November, Rt W Bro A J Huxtable celebrated Fifty Years as a Mark Master Mason at a meeting of Fortescue No. 9; he was, during those years, a Past Grand Junior Warden and Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master, was well as a Past Provincial Grand Master in the Craft ... an evening of reflection and one to remember.

On the 19th March 1999, the De La Pole Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 372, achieved fifty years of continuous working and, much to their joy, it coincided with their Installation Meeting. For this special event they returned (under dispensation) to their rightful home at Seaton to celebrate their Jubilee.

On Wednesday 8th September, Caput Anguli Lodge No. 798, celebrated seventy five years of continuous working. This was achieved on25th January 1999, but clashes with dates only allowed the celebration to take place this month. The time lapse did not spoil this splendid Masonic occasion especially when the Worshipful Master, in their Jubilee year, was none other than the current Provincial Grand Master, Dr. John Horace Wickstead.

In the year 2000, it was customary for Provincial Grand Masters to retire at 75; R W Bro Wickstead made an approach to the Grand Secretary and pointed out the long gap between his retirement and the Provincial Grand Lodge in September, in consequence of this he was granted a year’s extension with a gentleman’s agreement that he would resign at mid-night on 13th June 2000, the day of the Grand Investiture.

As a senior Provincial Grand Master, this would enable him to take an active part in the Investiture of the new Deputy and Assistant Grand Masters ... we can but imagine his thought on the train journey back to Devon ... achievement and sadness in equal measure.