1. JORDAN ROYAL ARK MARINER, No. 319, meeting at the Masonic Temple, Torquay (Keystone Lodge) – Date of Warrant – 1st October 1888.
  2. DUNCOMBE MARK LODGE, No. 438, meeting at the Queen Victoria Masonic Hall, St. Budeaux (Keystone Lodge) – Date of Warrant – 1st October 1891.
  3. NORTH DEVON UNION MARK LODGE, No. 540, meeting at the Masonic Hall, Ilfracombe (Keystone Lodge) – Date of Warrant – 22nd May 1900.

Following the death of R W Bro John Tanner Davy, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Col John Elliott, CB, CMG, took charge until his death in July 1889. His death meant that when Provincial Grand Mark Lodge met on the 23rd October 1889, the two most important offices were vacant.

In accordance with the Book of Constitutions, the senior Provincial Officer, V W Bro Rev Dr W W Lemon, Prov GSW succeeded as the temporary ruler, an office he filled for several months.

The most important item on the agenda of Provincial Grand Lodge in 1899 was: “To recommend a brother or brethren to the Most Worshipful Grand Master for the office of Provincial Grand Master of Devonshire”.

The name of W Bro George Sidney Strode Lowe, the Prov GMO, was submitted.

The Grand Secretary acknowledged receipt of the letter recommending him, but for some unknown reason he was not appointed; it could have been that he had only been advanced five years earlier and he was just 28 years of age.

The next Provincial Grand Lodge meeting was held on 28th May 1890, where Sir Henry Stafford Northcote, GCIE, CB, was installed as the Provincial Grand Master.

He then appointed George Sidney Strode Lowe as the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, but he was absent and was eventually inducted into the Chair at a special meeting of Provincial Grand Mark Lodge held at the Freemasons Hall, Princess Square, Plymouth on Friday 7th November 1890, he was to become the Provincial Grand Master in 1905.

During the leadership of our Provincial Grand Master, two new Lodges were warranted, namely Duncombe Mark Lodge No. 438 and North Devon Union Mark Lodge No. 540.

Early in the year 1900, R W Bro Sir Henry Stafford Northcote was appointed Governor of Bombay, he continued to hold his high Masonic office but committed the charge of the Province to his deputy,
W Bro G S Strode, who carried out his duties faithfully and zealously.

Immediately his term in India had expired, Sir Stafford was appointed Governor General of the Australian Commonwealth, this would mean his continued absence for a further five years.

Reluctantly he tendered his resignation as the Provincial Grand Master.

During his tenure and despite his absences, Mark Lodges in the Province prospered.

In August 1904 a curious character became a joining member of Fortescue Mark Lodge No. 9, his name was Sholto Ernest Hare, gentleman.

He became the first recorded Director of Ceremonies of the Lodge, up to this time offices were undertaken but not recorded; this is the same night that greetings were recorded for the first time, quite obviously at the instigation of Sholto Ernest Hare since he gave greetings from Lodges No. 35, 50 and 206.

He is listed as being Past Master of Lodges No. 35, 50, 100, 206 and 351 ... an obsessional collector of appointments.

In the same year, 1904, Bro F Sprague was elected Master of Fortescue, however at the following meeting, it was resolved that the Minutes be confirmed except the one for the election of the Master which resulted in the reigning Master continuing in office for a second year ... whatever had happened in the interim to cause the brethren to change their minds was never disclosed.