A Mark Historic Event in Amity Lodge No 849

On Monday, 15th June 2009 a very special event took place in Amity Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 849 and for history of Mark Masonry in Devonshire.

The Lodge was opened in due form by the Worshipful Master W. Bro. Michael Penny (PGM of the Craft).

Right Worshipful Peter Hawken MBE GMRAC attended by a retinue of Grand and Provincial Grand Officers demanded admission and was received into the Lodge under the direction of W. Bro. Chris Methven, Director of Ceremonies.

The Worshipful Master warmly welcomed the Provincial Grand Master before offering his gavel to R. W. Bro. Peter Hawken MBE GMRAC, who accepted, and retained it. The Provincial Grand Master then placed his own Provincial Officers into the Offices of the Lodge, under the direction of the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, W. Bro. W. Humphries and his Deputy W. Bro. D Purdie for the ceremony of Advancement.

Brother M.K. Roscoe was then admitted into the Lodge and advanced to the Honourable Degree of Mark Master Mason by the Provincial Grand Master assisted by his Officers in an exemplary ceremony. The explanation of the signs, secrets and working tools was delivered by the R.W.Bro. Peter Hawken and the conclusion was given by V.W.Bro. Peter Galt PGJO, Provincial Grand Chaplain (Deputy PGM Craft) to Brother Roscoe with meaning and sincerity which impressed and delighted all those present.

On completion of the Advancement ceremony the Provincial Grand Master returned the Gavel to the Worshipful Master and presented a cheque to him, as Rt. Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of the Craft, from Fortescue Lodge No.9 Royal Ark Mariners for the 2012 Festival appeal.

W. Bro. Penny then proceeded to complete business of the evening but before closing presented a cheque from the brethren of the Lodge to the R. W. Bro. Peter Hawken, for the Devon Mark Charity Association.

The customary festive board was then held, which filled the dining room to near capacity, where the members of Amity Lodge 849 entertained not only the Executive and officers of Provincial Grand Lodge, but also a strong visiting party from the Lodge of Amity 132 from Poole, on the occasion of there annual return visit, and also other very distinguished guests.