...the brethren of the Lodge and visitors gathered (all 38) in the airwaves and were admitted to the Virtual Business Meeting of the Lodge. Some admittances were smoother than others and with a lot of encouragement from those who were already present to those who were having some challenges getting the microphone or video to switch on made for a merry introduction, as the Provincial Grand Master and the Worshipful Commander W.Bro. The Rev. Roger Carlton 'arrived'.  Even W.Bro. Jim De-Lilse Innins's dog tried to get in on the act but was advised by his master their presence was not appropraite....

The letter from the Provincial Secretary and Certificate of Dispensation was read and business commenced. The Minutes of the last meeting were proposed as accurate and accepted. Then followed the receipt of reports from the Treasurer, Charity Steward and Almoner. All were accepted followed by a proposal that a donation for £500 be presented to the DMCA for the 2022 Project. This was accepted. The Charity Steward also made note of the funds donated to two local Crediton Charities, the Crediton Food Bank and the 1st Crediton Scout Group, which both appreciated the support. 

The Scribe reported that there were two candidates for Elevation as soon as was feasible. Something for the Lodge to look forward to. 

Thw W.C.N. invited the Provincial Grand Master to speak to the assembly and R.W.Bro. Peter Balsom said he was happy to do so.  He thanked the Lodge for the generous contribution to the DMCA and was delighted that the Lodge had candidates to this beautiful order.  It had been the opinion of the PGM's group that when we refer to the Order we should talk about 'The Royal Ark Mariner Degree'.  He also mentioned a meeting he had attended with other Provincial Grand Masters where they had discussed the promotion and advancement of the Order which included involving the Provincial Officers in delivering some ritual at installations.

In Any Other Business, the W.C.N. asked the brethren of the Lodge if they had anything to add and also invited the visitors to make any contribution they wished before officially closing the meeting.  Many greetings were given.

The meeting was closed after which there was a light hearted discussion around the 'virtual bar' and a chance to catch up which was very much appreciated by all those attending.  Brethren then departed to their own festive boards at home.

Thank You Unity Royal Ark Mariners for a splendid evening.

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