..they have now included meetings with DMST held meeting on 26th to discuss supporting the lodges as we come out of suspension with the area managers.   In other degrees there is a general encouragement of individual units to try to have online meetings to ensure the continuity of communications with Lodge members.  Some of you may have already tried this out, in the Royal Ark Mariner Degree True Love and Unity Lodge No.1159 decided to hold one such meeting to attend to the business of electing the Master Elect and to make an Honorary Member.

If you want to Host/Manage a meeting you can find step by step guidance here:-


If you are invited to join a meeting by the host in an email as a guest/member you can find step by step guidance here:-


There is also a DVD 'A Complete Beginners Guide to Zoom' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcEXn4mnyLM

You can also contact W.Bro. Chris Elliott or W.Bro. Nic White who have some ability to manage Zoom.


Photographs: Members of the DMS Team                                                                                    Royal Ark Mariners True Love and Unity Lodge No.1159

DMST Zoom                              TLU1159 Zoom