The sum of £2000 goes to Devon Blood Bikes to help with their increasing running costs due to the high demand due to the high workload at the present time. 

Devon Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service are the Devon Blood Bikers and have been providing their services to the people of Devon since 2009. They are a team of volunteer Riders, Drivers, Call Handlers and Fundraisers who are dedicated to providing a 24hrs a day 7 days a week service, supporting the NHS in delivering essential whole blood, blood & other medical samples for testing, medication, patient notes, medical equipment, tissue samples and donor breast milk to hospitals, and other NHS establishments and patients throughout Devon.  There are also five members of staff who devote their skills in keeping everything moving.

Last year, 2019 to April 2020, over 96,000 patients were helped by this service, since the beginning of April this year over 1,000 patients have benefited covering over 5,500 miles (we are a big County!) and saving the NHS nearly £14,000 which can be diverted to other clinical services.

The Nationwide group has a long and distinguished history with the first blood bike volunteer group to be established was the Emergency Volunteer Service (EVS), formed in 1962 in , England, by Margaret Ryerson and her husband. In 1969, the Freewheelers youth community action group formed in  which initially served hospitals in Stevenage, Luton, Dunstable, Bedford and Hitchin. These original groups are no longer operating, but other groups emerged that provide similar services. 

The Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes was established in 2008 to promote professional standards across all the member blood bike groups.(Wikipedia)

PB Blood Bikes Donation 20200417 

Devon Mark Masons supporting the NHS.