Last 150 Draw Winners of 2019

W.Bro. Paul Jones has been delighted to advise of the last 150 Draw winners of 2019!                                                                                                              150 Draw resized 20190218

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150 Draw Winners July and August

Brethren, here are the winning numbers and members for the draw held on the 16 June 2019 at Elliott 169.

1st P Ratcliff - Hawton Mark Lodge No.100 ,

2nd C Woodward - Pleiades Mark Lodge No.675,

3rd G Evatt - Manadon Mark Lodge No.1076

4th P Ratcliff - Hawton Mark Lodge No.100


These are the result of the 150 draw taken at the Charity Stewards meeting at Ashburton on 13 August 2019 

1st  D Purdie - Lewis Mark Lodge No.1284

2nd  P Hawken - Hawton Mark Lodge No.100

3rd  C J Pengelly - Amity Mark Lodge No.849 

4th  J P Smerdon  - Brunswick Mark Lodge No.48

Proms in the Park - a roaring success!

How do you get over 400 people to stand in the middle of a field in Devon you may ask?  I'm sure that's what went through the mind of W.Bro Brett Varker

and W.Bro. Brian Martin when they had a chat, possibly over a few beers, and suggested lets do 'Proms in the Park'... I've got a 'park' said Brett, grinning, Angie won't mind at all, he said.......

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