Recommendations for Provincial Honours October 2020

Now that the Annual Returns and Dues exercise has been completed, and mindful that you will be looking forward to Christmas with your loved ones I thought I should suggest a gentle reminder that if you have not already done so then your recommendations for Provincial Honours should be submitted to me by the 31st December please.

This should be for First Appointments in respect of Brethren who went into the Chair of the Lodge during the period September 2016 to August 2017. Promotions will be for those whose 4th Anniversary of Appointment is approaching in 2020.

The forms are on the website but please let me know if you cannot access them.  Please also check all of the Brother’s details recorded on KOL against your own records and advise me when submitting the Recommendation Form of any necessary changes.


You are reminded to always copy me in please when you circulate your Summons, and I can then file a copy in the Provincial Records and circulate this to the Executive and the Active Provincial and Grand Officers so that they can attend if there is something of interest to them.  Your meeting dates are added to the calendar on our website as they are advised to me, and a brief outline of the business is added to our social media streams.

We have had a good degree of success across the Province in using the DMST to support Lodges when there is nothing significant on the Agenda, or when any key Officers are unable to attend a Ceremony and please let me know if you would like such a visit to support your Lodge.


The DC’s team are always happy to advise if your Lodge is uncertain as to a point of order.

Installation Meetings.

Please let me have such Summons at your earliest convenience, together with a thumbnail sketch of the work undertaken during the year by the Lodge for the benefit of the presiding officer.

I maintain a spreadsheet of who the officers to attend and act are to be, and will let you have those names once the Installation Summons is with me; all of the Officers know that they should book in with you themselves.

Dispensations can take 6-8 weeks to be granted so please contact me in good time if one is necessary.

The new style of Installation Return (Nov18) is on the Website and no longer requires any signatures. Grand Lodge do chase me for these should they not have been submitted within 6 weeks of a meeting, and I would be grateful therefore if you would submit them to me in a timely manner – scanned and emailed will suffice if you are able.

 Joiners and Leavers.

The new style Membership Application Form ( Nov18 ) is on the website, and is completed as previously. The scale of fees appears in the Menu on KOL and is unchanged from last year. Cheques must be payable to GLMMM.

To try to retain members the Executive would ask that they are alerted, via me please, as soon as a Brother indicates an intention to leave, and before the Lodge accepts that request. There is a Leavers form on the Website where you are able to give this early notice, with the reasons why and your own comments. The Executive can then sensitively explore with you and the Brother whether we can keep in on board, and with due regard always to his situation and wishes.

In the case of leavers, or members made Honorary, then please advise me of this and the effective date in a timely manner and by email or letter so that can keep KOL up to date.

The Annual Return exercise undertaken each September should then just be a checking exercise.

 Keystone On Line Database.

 As you will be aware this is our prime database and as such we are bound by the GDPR rules to ensure all data is up to date. This information is only used for Membership purposes.

It may be that you have your own membership register, records or database but I would urge you to consider KOL as your primary record please. 

In this respect the Grand Secretary is considering affording Write access as well as the current Read Only access to each Secretary & Scribe for a trial period in the new year. He has already granted Read access to all Lodge Treasurers to aid them in their role.


Please ensure that you are familiar with the Provincial and Grand Lodge websites, and perhaps add the former address to your Summons?

If you are unable to access our website then please let me know. The Documents being referred to will appear in the Information, Downloads & Forms section, and either Mark, RAM or Dual as appropriate.

Please also check the Secretaries and Scribes as regards your own contact details and advise me if they are wrong, and likewise the Charity Stewards details.

By Laws.

Grand Lodge have an ongoing program of checking that your By Laws match the meetings that the Lodge is undertaking and last year the few such needing updating have been attended to.  I will be pleased to advise you should your lodge be considering any such changes.


You are reminded that the requirements of Regulation 132 in that the Accounts once approved should be copied to me please for the Provincial Treasurer, and as a Province we also ask that you please append thereon the names of the bank account signatories. Please note also that the practice is occasionally seen of the Wardens “examining” the Accounts but this is not permitted by our Book of Constitutions, neither of course the Master, Treasurer or Secretary.

The Risings.

Our communications by nature now are usually by email, and likewise you are able to pass them on swiftly to your members, with cost savings all round.

Best practice is however, time permitting, for the Secretary/Scribe to list (without going into detail) what has been received and distributed, so that a Brother cannot claim ignorance.

This it is hoped will also serve as a memory jogger when publicising events etc.

Other Provincial Activities.

You may have noted that attendance numbers at PGL were slightly down this year, and perhaps because I was a little late in circulating the calling notice. 

The meeting in 2020 will be on Saturday 3rd October and perhaps you could announce this for me, and once again at Torquay and in the same format as in the past.

The Provincial Ball is the weekend of the 17th & 18th January, and its not too late to book in.

With fraternal regards,

Chris Elliott

W.Bro. Chris Elliott  PPrGInspWks