John was advanced into Caput Anguli Lodge in 1964 and was the Active Senior Warden of the Mark Province of Devonshire in 1976 and became the Assistant Provincial Grand Master in 1986, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master in 1987 and then served as Provincial Grand Master, with distinction, from January 1991 to September 2000. He will always be remembered for his quiet authority and extensive knowledge in many fields.

He was appointed to the Grand Master’s Royal Ark Council in 1993 and also had the unusual honour of being Master of the Grand Master’s Mark Lodge in 2006 and the Grand Master’s Royal Ark Mariner Lodge in 2004 as well as being a Founder of the Lord Swansea Lodge of Mark Master Masons.

During his time as Provincial Grand Master John consecrated two Mark Lodges, Holsworthy 1727 in  1994 and Devonshire Lodge of Installed Masters 1750 in 1995 and also Devonshire Lodge of Installed Commanders in 1996, the present Provincial Grand Master was honoured to be at all three events.

In the Craft, John was a member of Philammon Lodge and the North Devon Master’s Lodge and served as Master of both. He was the Active Senior Warden of the Province in1983 and was appointed to Grand Rank in the Craft in 1991 as Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies and then promoted in 2004 to Past Junior Grand Deacon.

He was also a member of the Knights Templars and Priory of Malta for many years.

In, all John Wickstead served all Freemasonry very well but will always be remembered for his large contribution to Mark Masonry not only in Devonshire but also at Mark Mason’s Hall.

An evening spent in his company at a Festive Board was indeed an education, in many ways, especially his knowledge of piscine matters and shellfish, including their feeding habits.

All Mark Master Masons will be sad at his passing but will be grateful for his contribution to the Mark Degree.