This is by way of saying thanks for their support during the year. There is to, at this event, a fund raising activity in support of local charities.

This Ancient Lodge, founded in 1858, has over many years raised money for charities both local and national. It is a small Lodge with a big heart, comprising only some 20 members, it nonetheless holds a Masonic National Gold award for charitable contributions. Money raised at this Christmas function is regularly donated to a local charity.

For 2021 the nominated charity was TASS ( Tavistock Area Support Services ) a voluntary organisation providing a number of services the most well known being the local bus service. For which a number of Lodge members have in their spare time been the driver.  It is a charity that was set up over 30 years ago to support the older population in Tavistock and surrounding areas. It is an organisation dedicated to   improving the health and wellbeing of the older population as well as those living with disabilities, to ensure they can remain independent and are able to make their own choices about how they live their lives.  The TASS General Manager Paula Anscomb explains that every penny received is appreciated and thanked the Lodge Master Jerry Bawden for his cheque for £200 (see picture) and the support   provided by The Russell Lodge.


Words: W.Bro. Tony Ingram.