....in the initiative hosted by Devonshire it was organised by the Mark Provinces of Cornwall, Devonshire & Somerset.  V.W.Bro. Tony said he was grateful to the Provincial Grand Masters for inviting me and to the Provincial Grand Secretaries of each Province for making all the arrangements.

The attendees were not just from the three South West Provinces, V.W.Bro. Tony has a world wide audience some of whom joined us (despite the differences in time zones!) including London, Cheshire, Kent, Canada, Bedfordshire, South Africa, Buckinghamshire, Jamaica, East Africa, Lancashire, South America, Oxfordshire, Wales, Ghana, Wiltshire, Bulgaria, France, India and the USA. Also in the audience were many senior Mark Masons including R.W.Bro. Peter Hawken, President of the General Board and member of the Grand Masters Royal Ark Council.

The introductions were made by R.W.Bro. Peter Balsom (Devonshire) who then handed over to V.W.Bro. Tony who explained that the talk was aimed at Mark members who had not yet joined the Ancient and Honourable Fraternity and those who had just joined and he was keen to utilise the immense knowlede in the 'zoom room' durign the Q&A session and after meeting conversations.

He spoke about the historical development of the degree as well as the intrinsic beauty of the degree in spiritual, ritual and regalia terms, pointing out exceptional features of the Order. There was a lively discussion around the questions asked by attendees with answers provided by V.W.Bro.Tony in full. 

The closing remarks were provided by R.W.Bro. Philip Voisey from Somerset adn R.W.Bro Kevin Hicks from Cornwall on behalf of their Provinces and acknowledging the superb event that this was. Many members remained on line following the closing to continue that discussions with V.W.Bro. Tony and offer their thanks and hopes to attend the next lectures he will give in the South West.

A true working in harmony across the Order in the three Provinces with a common aim, to promote Royal Ark Masonry to those who have not yet taken the next steps in their journey of discovery along the colourful pathway in the Anciernt and Honourable Fraternity.

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