the discipline of dressing up in a shirt and tie, seeing some old friends faces, conducting some familiar business – and so much so that some Lodges are now booking their second and third meetings. Typical comments from those who have attended include;

  • As Unity RAM Lodge No 783 only meet 3 times a year it was good to have a very successful social gathering in December which was appreciate by all who attended.
  •  It is my intention to continue to hold further VBM's so that our members are kept in touch with each other and lodge business can still be carried out so until we can all safely meet up; it is the best way of keeping in touch.
  •  I didn't realise how much I missed seeing everyone from the Lodge until we had a meeting and a chance to catch up with each other. Jordan RAM319
  •  ' the zoom meetings have allowed all of our members far and wide to once again be part of the lodge and interact with their Masonic friends. It’s a great way for us all to keep in touch whilst maintaining the lodge togetherness’.
  •  True Love & Unity have held three very successful virtual meetings enabling the brethren to keep in touch, the secretary living 33 miles away and the Master 45 miles away. The majority of active members have been present on each occasion.

We appreciate that there will be some members without the technology, or the inclination, to support such a meeting, and that setting one up seems daunting. It is our belief however that every Lodge should hold such a meeting however small for those that will attend, and be it either to deal with the formal business of the Lodge, to receive a talk or lecture, or indeed to just open and close and then hold a social gathering.

We would be pleased to offer any assistance you may require setting up a Virtual Meeting for your Lodge or arranging a talk or lecture.

I can set up the Zoom facility, there is no cost, and I can assist in drawing up the Dispensation Request, Paper of Business ( ie Summons ) and the Order of Business ( ie Agenda) thereon.

You may be concerned that only a few members might take part but that may only be on the first occasion; provided you have 4 members plus a guest, ( one of the Exec will attend ) then you will be Quorate.

The Provincial Grand Master is keen that every Lodge holds such a meeting and has instructed the Active Provincial Officers to support such meetings to boost numbers. Furthermore, the DMST members are ready to provide a lecture or talk.

Please give me a call or email to discuss how we might put this in place for your Lodge.

W.Bro. Chris Elliott, Provincial Secretary