Dear Brethren All

As we approach the end of a uniquely disruptive year, and we head towards a highly regulated festive season, our collective thoughts probably stray back to the times, though recent, but seemingly distant, when we were free to celebrate the pinnacle of the Christian calendar in a more unfettered manner.

During this short but eventful period, many events, both sad and joyous, have affected our lives, despite or because of Covid-19, so perhaps this is the time for all of us to spare some thoughts for those fourteen brethren in the Mark Degree from this Province who have passed to the Grand Lodge above in 2020, and to consider the void they have left in the lives of those that are left. This is the time when the Almoner’s work is so important in the life of a brother’s grieving family.

Once the rituals associated with the end of life are completed, and the mourners have departed for places too distant to sustain regular visits, an emotional vacuum might occur where the bereaved develops a need for emotional support with none forthcoming. This is when solace is most needed, even if it is just via a telephone call or a brief visit.  Sadly the latter is not always permissible during the current crisis, but maybe a pre-arranged ‘face time’ call would help stem any emotional loneliness the bereaved brother might be experiencing.

Texts or emails would also be welcome, and a traditional hand-written letter or card would have the effect of intimacy that others forms of communication do not. By keeping sustained contact with a grieving brother one might in the fullness of time help him through the process to the goal of recovery, with or without therapy.

Finally, we should also be aware that it is not only the passing of brethren that should be remembered, and supported, but also the loss of other family members especially life-partners in their many shapes and forms, and the effect on those left behind.

Wishing you a safe Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Yours Sincerely and Fraternally

Bro. Dennis Challis - Provincial Grand Almoner


W.Bro David Allen                             W.Bro. Robert David Primrose

W.Bro. Denis Compton                     W.Bro. Frederick Hubert Prinn

Bro. Brian William George Crook      W.Bro. Phillip Andrew Ratcliff

W.Bro.Jack Cox                                 Bro. Glyn Thomas

W.Bro. Michael Kelly                          W.Bro. David Ware

W.Bro Brian Lewis                              V.W.Bro. Arthur Weed

W.Bro Jim Nicholson                          W.Bro. Bernard William Frude