He has written to the brethren of the Province who are known golfers who may like to consider becoming a member of this special interest Lodge for Mark Masons.

Many of you will be aware, that there is a Craft Masonic Golf Association which plays twice a year, the object of the Mark Golf Lodge will be to go one step further and combine a golf meeting with a Mark ceremony and a festive board afterwards.

There would be two meetings a year, a spring meeting on the second   Wednesday in May and an Autumn meeting on the fourth Wednesday in September. The idea would be, to meet at two separate golf courses in Devonshire for a morning tee off, followed by the ceremony and festive board at a nearby Lodge or Hotel afterwards.

It is hoped that by forming a themed Golf Lodge it will attract candidates from the Craft who play golf, to join the Mark Degree. It will therefore be an active Lodge, with a big emphasis on a golf theme with fun!

With approval of Grand Lodge, the name of the Lodge would be “The St Andrews Lodge”, after The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. The hope is to keep cost to a minimum, it is  expected the Lodge Membership costs to be in line with most other Mark  Lodges.

For this to work, we will need to attract enough members to join this exciting new lodge and as a golfer and a Mark Man. V.W.Bro David hopes that he can rely on the support of the golfing Mark men of Devonshire to assist in this endeavour and looks forward to hearing from any interested Mark golfers.

For more information please contact V.W.Bro. David on:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.