The Mark Degree in Devonshire was blessed to have him as our Provincial Almoner and all those who had to seek his help found him to be sympathetic to their situations and to be of great assistance to them. He was in regular contact with me to advise that he had a new case but that I need not worry and he would deal with the matter and liaise with Darren Coleman at the Mark Benevolent Fund, who appreciated his work and the fact that Phil was a such a supporter of the MBF.

Phil was advanced into Hawton 100 Mark in 2001 and became Master in 2007 and he was elevated into St Aubyn Royal Ark Mariners 64 in 2009 and became Commander in 2014. He received his first provincial appointment in 2014 and promoted to P.Prov.G.J.W in 2020 but these facts are not as important as his large personality and his desire to help others.

I have been speaking to Phil a lot recently as he was concerned how he could carry out his duties whilst in hospital and when I mentioned that I was writing an article for this newsletter he said “don’t puff it up too much”. There is no need, for we have lost a dedicated Freemason and particularly Mark Master Mason who will be missed by us all. We all send our deepest sympathy to Laura and their family.

Phil Ratcliff has indeed “Marked Well”.

Peter Balsom – Provincial Grand Master