..quipped one of the 45 attendees at the forum held on Friday 31st July. Organised by W.Bro. Chris Elliott, Provincial Secretary, the attendance was excellent including the Provincial Executive as well as the Grand Secretary, R.W.Bro. Ryan Williams.

Making use of the opportunity to use Zoom technology to bring together as many Secretaries and Scribes from across the Province, to share the information from Mark Masons Hall about the resumption of Mark Masonry, as well as to hear concerns from Lodges about the processes of maintaining our Order, keeping in touch with each other and looking towards the future with maintaining membership and recruiting, the agenda was comprehensive.  Those present took full advantage of the opportunity to discuss with our Provincial Grand Master and the Grand Secretary a wide range of issues that face us now and in the future.

The meeting was well run and managed by W.Bro. Chris and the overall enjoyment by the brethren of the chance to see each other, share stories and concerns was embraced by all participants.

If you require further information, please contact W.Bro. Chris Elliott. 

     Secretaries and Scribes 1R 20200731


30.07.20 Further guidance following the relaxation of the General Suspension of Masonic Activity.pdf

Seven Step Process for holding a Unit Virtual Business Meeting - Aide Memoire - UPDATED - 30.07.20.pdf

Paper of Business Template - Unit Virtual Business Meeting - UPDATED - 30.07.20.pdf