Friday marked 75 years since the formal acceptance by Britain and its allies of Nazi Germany's unconditional surrender.

People throughout the country fell silent at 11:00 BST on Friday to remember those who served in World War Two. This was followed by a variety of  socially distanced street parties or gatherings across the gardens, singing some of the memorable songs of the era and enjoying a feast of red, white and blue decorated cakes, cakes with '75' woven in strawberries (PGM's Wife Shirley), Scones, Marmite and cheese swirls, spam sandwiches and a cornucopia of other delicious foods not to mention the drinks! Home made Lemonade and Ginger Beer. 

How did you celebrate? Here are a few pictures... 

    AL Cake Making 20200508    L with Cakes 20200508  RWB 75 20200508  JC Union Shorts Beer 20200508  Sandwiches 20200508  

Chris Helen Elliott 20200508          DP Scones 20200508                Strawberry 75 20200508   

Very Dapper Mr & Mrs E!     Scones for the Cream Tea 

 A truly memorable day!