W.Bro. Alistair Duncan approached Cadogan Court about their PPE shortages during this challenging time to see if we could help in any way!  They were delighted to hear from him and gave him a resounding 'yes please!'  As many of you know Alistair is an 'old salt' having served his time in Her Majesty's Navy (the second Queen Elizabeth not the First!) and is an accomplished sail maker, he then promptly roped (pun intended) W.Bro. Neil Room-Doubleday, who is skilled as an Upholsterer, in assisting him with the manufacture of protective face screens. They have now delivered the first batch and  have some product left if they require any more later on. 

Many thanks to you both!

Alistair Duncan PPE      Neil R D PPE Here we see Alistair testing the product and Neil in production.