In November we congratulate:-

W.Bro. Ron Meatyard of  Elliott Mark Lodge No. 169

W.Bro. Paul Watson of  Plympton Erle Mark Lodge No.1100

W,Bro. Ron Badger of De La Pole Mark Lodge No. 372,

and W.Bro. Bob Ware of Lewis Mark Lodge No.1284.

December awards go to:-

Mrs L Bowen of Dartmouth Mark Lodge No.737

W.Bro. S  Welsh of Sir Francis Drakemark Lodge No. 617

M Willetts Holsworthy Mark Lodge No.1727,

and W.Bro. David Pengelly of Friendship Mark Lodge No.16TI

Remember Brethren you need to be in it to win it!  As you can see from the draw winners over the year the Draw is open to Brethren, Wives/Partners and Lodges too.

Please speak to W.Bro Paul Jones or W.Bro Paul Trewin for information on signing up .   

                                                                            Paul Jones Head Shot         Paul Trewin Head Shot