Should you look at the Role of Lodges in The Book of Constitution you will find that there are three Lodges which no longer exist in Devonshire to-day, No.26 Pleiades, No.29 1st Devon Militia and No.51 Loyalty.

No.26 Pleiades is a bit of a red herring as that was not the original Name or Number of the Lodge.  The first Mark Lodge formed in Totnes was The Dart Lodge No 45 which was consecrated in 1859, but within a year of their opening they suffered a major fire at The Masonic Rooms on the Plains and lost all their property and for the next seven years there was no Mark activity in Totnes.  In 1867 the remaining Mark Masons petitioned the Mark Grand Lodge for a Warrant of Conformation to replace the Warrant lost in the fire, and at the same time asked to change the Name of the Lodge to Pleiades to come into line with the Craft Lodge and Chapter. The request was granted but in the time that the Lodge was dormant Mark Grand Lodge had given their original Number to a Lodge in the Colonies and were re-numbered as No 26 which was vacant.  The new Pleiades Lodge failed sometime in the 1880's and was removed from the Role in 1903.

No.29 1st Devon Militia have left very little trace of their existence, it would appear from examining the Role of Lodges that they were Consecrated sometime between June 1858 and the first meeting of the Devonshire Provincial Grand Lodge in October of that year, when a Bro T. D. Hogg signed the Register as from No.29 and on the Petition to Mark Grand Lodge for a Warrant the same name appears as one of the petitioners. The Lodge is recorded as in abeyance for some years and finally removed from the Role in 1903.

The fate of No.51 Loyalty Lodge in Barnstaple is a little less complicated, it was granted a Warrant in 1860, but for some reason it was never consecrated. 

Alastair J C Duncan.  Devon Mark No.215