R.W.Bro. Peter Balsom, the Provincial Grand Master, exercised his prerogative to undertake some special business in the Lodge.

He had W.Bro. Robin Thorp presented to him, gave a short citation of the merit of  W.Bro. Robin Thorp who was advanced in April 1989 and became Master of The Benevolent Mark Lodge No. 316 in November 1999 repeating the experience the next year. The PGM went on to list W.Bro. Thorps Provincial Ranks awarded since his he received his first Provincial Appointment as Tyler.  He was then promoted to Past Provincial Grand Senior Deacon (P Pr GSD) and in 2009 he was promoted to Past Provincial Grand Senior Overseer in 2009.

The Provincial Grand Master commented that W.Bro Thorp is a very regular attender and will fill any office if required. It was on this recommendation that R.W.Bro Peter Balsom  accordingly decided to promote him to Past Provincial Grand Junior Warden (P Pr GJW)  at his Lodge last Friday.

Needless to say, W.Bro. Robin was delighted with receiving the honour!