On making the presentation, R.W.Bro Peter Balsom PGM gave a moving and delightful resume of V.W.Bro Peters' family, professional and masonic life which the PGM noted exemplified what an excellent servant to Freemasonry in Devonshire and in particular the Mark Degree V.W.Bro. Peter had been, having served as Master of Exon Mark Lodge 1075 in 1979 and then as Secretary of that Lodge for some years, followed by serving the Mark Province in various Offices including as Chaplain, in which his excellent Orations at many Celebration Meetings such as sesqui-centennials have moved many Brethren and been commented on  by several  of the Rulers of Mark Masonry.

The Provincial Grand Master and his Executive Team with the presence of the R.WBro. Ian Kingsbury from the Craft together with V.WBro Nicholas Ball DPGM,  R.W.Bro. Michael T Penny, Past PGM, R.W.Bro. Peter Hawken, PPGM Chairman of the Board of General Purposes. W.Bro. Michael St.John French from the Ancient and Accepted Rite Rose Croix, W.Bro. Richard Lucas from the Masonic and Military Order of Red Cross of Constantine, W.Bro. Richard Thomas Provincial Prior, in attendance with Brethren from many Mark Lodges and other orders to honour V W Bro Peter.   

V.W.Bro Peter was presented with his Certificate from Mark Grand Lodge by the Provincial Grand Master together with a presentation  from Exon Mark Lodge by the Worshipful Master W.Bro Chris Elliottt. (pictured). 

In his usual delightful and gentlemanly manner, V.WBro Peter responded thanking everyone for their good wishes on this auspicious occasion and regaled those present with a tale or two concerning the PGM, much to everyone's delight!  He was applauded and given a standing ovation. 

A Celebration Banquet followed the presentations with much good humour and enjoyment.