The Deputy Provincial Grand Master accompanied by Wardens, the Grand Steward together with a host of Grand and Provincial Officers.  The DPGM commented how good it was to see the Temple at St Aubyn so well filled!

W.Bro Paul Lane, though feeling not too well, delivered a faultless ceremony Installing his successor in an exemplary fashion.   W.Bro. Fowkes went on to appoint and invest his officers in a similarly confident manner.

In a surprise event under the First Rising, the DPGM presented two new MBF Grand Patron Awards to W.Bro’s  William Philip and Barry Sawden.  For once W.Bro. William Mason Phillip was speechless in delight and surprise!

As for the growth on W.Bro. Craig Cox upper lip……… well that raised some funds in Movember.  However, it will be shaved off on Saturday by his wife who has found it irritating…….?!