On Friday 15th June, at the regular meeting of St Aubyn Royal Ark Mariners No. 64 a most especial event took place.  The celebration of 100 years of the Lodge.  The company included the Provincial Grand Master, Rt.W.Bro. Peter James Balsom, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. William Samuel Humphries and the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro. David Charles Purdie accompanied by a host of holders of RAMGR and RAMPGR.  That was not all!  We had the greatest of pleasure in welcoming the Assistant Grand Master Rt. W.Bro. Stephen Davidson accompanied by the Grand Secretary R.W.Bro. Ryan Williams and Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies W.Bro. M Goulding.

The Worshipful Commander, W.Bro. Barry Purdy opened the Lodge and proffered the sceptre which was accepted by the Provincial Grand Master who placed his Deputy Provincial Grand Master and Assistant Provincial Grand Master in the chairs of Son Japheth and Son Shem.  In turn, on the entrance of the Assistant Grand Master, the sceptre was offered and accepted by the Assistant Grand Master. He then made some observations about the Lodge History compiled by W.Bro. Ron Preston, Scribe.  The Grand Secretary, read the original warrant of the Lodge and then the Warrant for the Centenary.

W.Bro. Peter Galt gave a beautiful oration on the precepts an principles that the Lodge had been based upon and paid tribute to the members of the Lodge both present and past.  Commemorative jewels were then distributed by the Assistant Grand Master to the members of the Lodge.

Eventually, the Worshipful Commander was allowed to have the Sceptre back and he thanked all present for the support and the hard work to make the event such a success.

We retired to the festive board where a hearty meal in good company was taken, toasts and short speeches were given and eventually departed in good time.

Congratulations St Aubyn RAM No.64 on reaching this magnificent milestone!

Photographs can be viewed by following the link.