Charles Yelland is the latests member of the Provincial Executive of the Craft to join the Mark Degree. In an excellent ceremony performed, by no less than, W.Bro Nicolas Ball the Deputy Provincial Grand Master of the Craft and the current Worshipful Master of St Simons Mark Lodge 1116

Brother Charles was Advanced in to the Honourable Degree of Mark Master Masons. An explanation of the Signs and Secrets was presented by The Provincial Grand Master, R.W. Bro Peter Balsom. W. Bro Peter Keaty, Assistant Provincial Grand Master in the Craft, explained the Apron, Jewel, Working Tools, Book of Constitutions, Bylaws and Conclusion.

The APGM, W.Bro David Purdie conducted Bro Charles around the Lodge as SD, with the DPGM, V.W.Bro William Humphries acting as SW. It was a very happy and enjoyable occasion with many high ranking officers of Devonshire present to witness the event, including, The provincial Grand Master of the Craft, W. Bro Ian Kingsbury and The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent of The Holy Royal Arch, Bro Simon Rowe.

Charlie Yelland joins Mark Master Masons

From left to right
W.Bro David Purdie APGM, V.W.Bro William Humphries DPGM R.W.Bro Peter Balsom PGM,W.Bro Nicolas Ball WM, Bro Charles Yelland, W.Bro Christopher Pengelly JW.